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TEATS SET - size 2 (3-24m)

35.00 PLN

Élhée’s soft, extra-supple silicone teat was created ensuring complete safety and well-being of babies.

Designed to adapt itself closely to their needs, the Size 2 teat is recommended for babies 3 - 24 months old. This size is available in two flow speeds: 

- Medium flow (for formula milk) 

- Dense flow (for thicker liquids).

Choose your preferred flow rate below.


Set of 2 teats in Size 2 (3-24 months old). Choose your flow rate option above.

Compatible with both sizes of the Elhee BibRond bottles (150ml and 240ml)

To adapt to babies’ needs, the Élhée teats are available in 2 sizes and different flow rates (Slow, Medium or Dense). The baby’s flow preferences are usually related to how they breastfeed. Some are eager to eat, others need more time. 

Size 2 teat is recommended for babies 3 - 24 months old, and is available in two flow speeds: Medium flow (for formula milk) and Dense flow (for more dense liquids). For newborns (0-3m), please see the Size 1.

BPA and BPS free – Complies with EN 14350 standard. Safe from birth.

Bottle and teats can be safely washed in the dishwasher placed in the upper rack. However, to make the teat last, we would recommend gentle hand-washing with regular detergent.

Made in Germany


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