• 2 lounge dresses, (dark grey and milk white or blush pink) made of luxuriously soft and stretchy bamboo fabric, ideal for the sensitive skin of both Mom and Baby. Perfect for the time of delivery, as well as for nursing your new born baby. The stretchy deep V-neck  is designed to assure for comfortable breast feeding without any buttons. Short sleeves, above-knee length and cool feel of bamboo fabric is what you will appreciate most, especially at the hospital. Women fall in love with the feminine design and incredible softness of these dresses, and shamelessly wear them both day and night.
  • 1 long cardi, a delicate and thin robe, convenient for the hospital stay as well as for taking care of the baby day and night at home. Dark heather grey, designed to cover what should be covered, with deep pockets for your new essentials: (your phone), burpcloth, binky and a diaper.
  • 2 pairs of ultra soft underwear, especially low cut for maximum comfort before and after delivery. They are big enough to keep you feeling comfortable, but cut to assure you also feel attractive. 
  • 1 muslin (120x120cm) extremely soft, extra thin, a multifunctional essential in breastfeeding and caring for the new born baby. You will find yourself using it as a towel, wrap, blanket, cover and more.
  • Soothing Balm - fully organic and vegan, a balm for soothing sore nipples and dry skin 


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