TEATS SET - size 1 (0-3m)
TEATS SET - size 1 (0-3m)
TEATS SET - size 1 (0-3m)
TEATS SET - size 1 (0-3m)

TEATS SET - size 1 (0-3m)

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Set of two physiological anti-colic teats in Size 1 (0-6 months old).

Physiological and anti-colic Elhee teats made of extra-soft silicone, have been developed to offer sensations close to breastfeeding. They adapt ideally to the shape of the baby’s palate and contribute to its good oral development. Their anti-colic system reduces air absorption and facilitates digestion in babies.

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The soft and extra-supple texture of the physiological teat provides your baby with a sensation that is similar to breastfeeding. The teat’s enlarged base in particular reproduces the natural sucking position. Its adapted perforation regulates the flow according to the liquid contained in the bottle, which encourages your baby to exert the same sucking effort as at the breast. Thus, your baby doesn’t lose the habit of breastfeeding (unlike with other teats that often propose a single, much faster flow rate.)

Élhée teats incorporate a valve that reduces the absorption of air during suction, thus decreasing the baby’s risk of colic. It’s a slit-shaped opening on the side of the teat specifically designed to reduce air absorption and the risk of regurgitation by the baby, to aid its digestive comfort.

The asymmetrical shape of the Elhée teat comprises a rounded part, which is placed against the upper palate, and a flat part, placed against the baby’s tongue. The anti-colic valve should be placed on top, directly under the baby’s nose.


To adapt to babies’ needs, the Élhée teats are available in two sizes and different flow rates.  The baby’s flow preferences are usually related to how they breastfeed. Some are eager to eat, others need more time. 

The Size 1 teat is recommended for newborns up to 6 months old, it is designed to adapt itself closely to their needs and is available in two flow speeds. 

- Slow flow (for breastfed or premature babies, designed especially to avoid the risk of breast / teat confusion.

- Medium flow (for formula milk).

(For older babies, please see the teats in Size 2 - also available in different flow rates)

Compatible with both sizes of the Elhee BibRond bottles (150ml and 240ml).

Product details & care

- BPA and BPS free – Complies with European (EN 14350-1 / 14350-2), American (FDA US-CPSIA-California PROP 65) and Canadian (SOR) standards. Safe from birth.

As Élhée BibRond can be completely dismantled, the originality of the design ensures perfect hygiene. It can be washed by hand, without the need of a bottle-brush, on in the dishwasher, without any risk of deterioration.

- Élhée’s soft, extra-supple silicone teat was created ensuring complete safety and well-being of babies from birth.

- Made in Germany