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The most beautiful baby accesssory, original Moses Basket by Snuggle Me Organic.

The Snuggle Me Organic Moses Basket was designed with the same thoughtful intention that was put into Snuggle Me® loungers. The heirloom quality and sophisticated design is intended to seamlessly fit into your home, allowing a minimal approach to babyhood. 

Each Basket includes a Comfort Pad, which allows your baby to begin using the basket from their very first days.

Add a Snuggle Me Organic fitted sheet for protection and a pop of color. Comfort Pad Organic Sheets are available here


Baskets were designed to safely fit Snuggle Me Organic infant sized loungers for lounging while baby is close and supervised. There is no need to remove the comfort pad before placing a Snuggle Me Organic Lounger within the basket. 

Never leave your Moses Basket on a high surface and only use for supervised, stationary use. Do not pick up your basket while baby is inside. Handles are only for assistance when carrying basket empty.

The Snuggle Me Moses basket should not be used for overnight sleep. Do not use other mattresses or stands with the Snuggle Me Moses basket as they have not been safely created or tested for use with one another.


Approximately 81 x 51 cm (32 x 20 inches).

They are much larger than most Moses Baskets on the market, which is needed if you plan using it with the Snuggle Me® lounger. Most baskets on the market compromise the safety of the Snuggle Me lounger by squeezing in the sides of the lounger. This Moses Basket size allows the Lounger to lay flat and work properly.

Product Details & CARE

- Baskets are handmade with Elephant straw and leather handles.

- Spot clean Basket with water only. Do not use water on the basket's leather handles. Do not use soap or any other cleaning agent on your basket.

- If your basket is misshapen during transit or after storage, lightly wet the lounger (avoiding the leather handles) and shape to its original form. Dry outdoors (out of direct sunlight) briefly or with a fan indoors. Do not leave in the direct sun for extended periods of time. 

- Re-shaping your basket in this way will not compromise its strength or quality. See a tutorial video here for a visual of the re-shaping process. 

- The Comfort Pad contains a foam insert with cotton batting with a Polyurethane covering.

- Spot clean your Comfort Pad with mild soap and water. Do not machine wash. Air dry only. Comfort Pad contains a foam insert with cotton batting with a Polyurethane covering. Comfort Pad Organic Sheets available. 

- USA made. Imported from the USA and shipping from Europe (no extra duties or tax for EU deliveries)